Signalling Bodies as Resistant: Coded Queerness in Visual Culture

Through historical research, I examine the role of queer history to demonstrate how, and in what ways, oppression evolves into resistance. Focusing on visual culture, such as photographs, home video’s and films, as well as ephemera, letters and personal papers, the goal is to shed light on the dark corners of queer history. By illuminating historical pain and trauma, the intention is to reveal the resilience of previous generations, and where negative affects inform locations of recuperation. The need for such research is to provide future generations strategies of survival; where legacies of inequity can be recouped and systemically changed. Visual culture and personal papers of everyday LGBTQ2+ communities disclose the complexity of simple lives and provide salient, real world knowledge of those who came before us.

Faculty Supervisor:

Janine Marchessault


Schem Rogerson Bader


The ArQuives




Information and cultural industries


York University



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