Silver recovery from scrap materials: the security and longevity of raw scrap, and the development of a sustainable business model

Approximately one fifth of all silver produced in North America comes from recycled sources. A large percentage of this is recovered from medical x-rays. Essential Silver Incorporated (ESI) is a silver recycling business based in British Columbia. The company proposes to purchase and streamline a number of silver recycling businesses across North America using x-rays as their primary input. In order to do this, ESI must have a clear understanding of the quantity of x-ray material available and any fluctuations in supply that might occur. An additional output of the recycling process is plastics; ESI hopes to understand the market for this product in more detail through research and consultation with materials experts. Finally, the project will research and analyze the most effective way for ESI to grow its business both geographically and in new market verticals that may be identified.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Elicia Maine


Stephen Wade


Essential Silver Incorporated




Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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