Simulating heat transfer mechanisms for additive manufacturing processes

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a process family which is widely used for deposition of thin protective layers of novel alloy materials on components operating in severe conditions, and also for fabrication and repair of complex 3D parts. The scope of this research is to establish a process planning framework for metal based bead deposition processes that considers the various machine, materials, and process parameters. The study proposes a validated simulation tool by which, the design time can be significantly shortened and process parameters such as heat input, travel speed, and boundary conditions can be adjusted in order to minimize the negative effects of the high-temperature process. The goal is to achieve a component with highest strength based on their functions with minimum developed stresses and distortions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehrdad Saif


Navid Nazemi


CAMufacturing Solutions Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of Windsor



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