Simulation and Analysis of Aerators at Fish Farms

Fish farms are a way to satisfy the increasing demand for fish without directly impacting wild stocks. In fish farms water quality significantly impacts fish health and development. Industrial fish farms rely on aerators for multiple purposes, including the oxygenation of water and the isolation of fish from plankton blooms. However, at this time, several critical aspects of aerators are not completely understood. This study will be conducted in several stages, with a combination of experimental and simulation techniques. The first stage will involve field measurements in an operating fish farm. Next, computational techniques will be implemented in order to predict the flow from one aerator, and subsequently, from an array of aerators. The final stage will use the experimental and simulated results to determine the optimal design for individual aerators as well as their preferred placement within a fish pen. Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. will use the results of this research to assess the current behavior of aerators and then improve upon their novel conceptual design. There is also potential for significant environmental benefits as fish farm aerators are powered by diesel generators, and optimization of the aerators will result in reduced consumption of diesel fuel.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sheldon Green


Armin Bodaghkhani


Poseidon Ocean Systems


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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