Simulation and modifications of an industrial scale dehydrator

CanDry is currently in R&D stage developing a dehydrator for drying organic and in-organic materials. A prototype is built for testing purposes which will help to design a good quality product. For modifying the design of prototype, we need to simulate the electromagnetic behaviour of the system and run multiple tests to compare the simulation design with the practical outcome. Additionally, as our technology is a combination of 4 commonly used drying solutions, the system needs to be tested to find out the effects of the different factors on the performance of the prototype and find the best operating points. Also, for controlling the amount of radiations, it is required to have an understanding of the temperature and moisture level in the drying chamber. Therefore, another intern is needed to develop a reliable monitoring system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahab Sokhansanj


Erfan Taatizadeh;Zhaohong Hu


CanDry Technologies Inc


Engineering - biomedical




University of British Columbia



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