Simulation of nitrogen and phosphorus losses from native pasture at large spatial scales

Detailed assessments of water and nutrient dynamics in grasslands and its relationship to land management are scarce in the Canadian Prairies. The impact of climate change on these dynamics is even more uncertain. The purpose of this project is to address this knowledge gap by estimating the impact of climate change on water cycling, nutrient dynamics, and management practices in pasture landscapes in Manitoba. The intern in this project will use desktop custom models and state-of-the-art hydrological models to address this research question. This project will generate critical information for beef industry in Manitoba to increase its profitability and sustainability. Besides enabling producers to reduce the financial risks in light of climate change, the outcomes of this project will equip the industry with science-based information to minimize their water and nutrient footprints. Such information is critical to improve environmental sustainability and to garner consumer trust.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcos Cunha-Cordeir


Baiyan Zhou


Manitoba Cattle Producers Association


Animal science




University of Manitoba


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