Single fit bespoke bra for atypical breast dimension and shape

Many women face large hurdles when looking for a bra that is fitting, supporting, and comfortable. This is especially true for women with oversized breasts or who have undergone mastectomy. In additional to emotional distress and poor self-esteem, the lack of fitting and supporting bra may lead to back and chest pain, and negatively impact sleep, sexual activity, and quality of life among others. To solve this issue, the project will build up on a patented system and method for garment fitting and fabrication that allows the production of customized garments through a single fit process by using pre-fabricated modular fabric pieces, which are draped on the wearer during the fitting session. Smart functionalities will also be added for intense activities so that bra support and comfort can be preserved when exercising.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Dolez


Josephine Taiye Bolaji


Simply Best Underpinnings Corp






University of Alberta



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