Sleep disorders among a population with traumatic brain injury from a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Clinic

The proposed research will study the best way to evaluate sleep disorders among persons who suffered a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the workplace. We will draw upon the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board-insured workers being evaluated at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, approximately 300-400 annually, for mild to moderate TBI. This study will provide a better understanding of the evaluation of sleep disturbance among workers with this condition which serves to inform better assessment and treatment. This study is of utmost importance to this institution and the population served. More successful and early treatment of patients will improve daytime performance and wellbeing, early return to the workforce, and an overall shorter duration of disability for patients with TBI. Identification of the prevalence of sleep disorders in this population will raise awareness of the possible underestimation of its influence on poor rehabilitation outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Angela Colantonio


Tatyana Mollayeva



Social work




University of Toronto



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