Sleep quality and weaning from mechanical ventilation: a physiological clinical study

In mechanically ventilated critically ill patients, sleep disruption may contribute to prolonged weaning leading to longer intensive care unit stay and hospital mortality. It was reported that sleep disruption affects the outcome of noninvasive ventilation and we hypothesize that it may also have an impact in mechanically ventilated patients on the weaning outcome. We propose to perform a prospective, observational, clinical physiologic study to evaluate sleep quality and quantity by using a standard polysomnography (PSG) to evaluate the link between sleep disruption and the outcome of weaning. In order to adress this important question, we will
– Compare sleep quality and quantity in patients who pass and fail weaning assessment
– Compare sleep quality before and after extubation
– Validate the use of a technique to quantify sleep stages (Odd Ratio Product) as a continuous measure of sleep depth in comparison to standard PSG.

Faculty Supervisor:

Laurent Brochard


Tài Olivier PHAM






University of Toronto


Globalink Research Award

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