Small and Medium Enterprises in a Covid19 context: Ecosystem business intelligence for increased resilience

Covid 19 has deeply disrupted supply chains. Companies face profoundly changing consumer demand, the elimination of entire subsectors of industries due to forced closures, or individual suppliers due to bankruptcy or temporary plant closures due to COVID19 outbreaks. In this environment, continued operations and continued profitability depends on company’s ability to obtain real time information on markets, competitors and their own supply chain.
While many large companies have much of this information, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) often do not, substantially limiting their ability to respond to disruptions, and also to adapt to the longer-term structural changes that are anticipated during the recovery / re-imagination phase of the economy.
This project will develop and validate a BI system that will support SMEs during and following the COVID19 disruptions and integrate it into the Bivizio platform currently deployed to agri-food and transportation sectors to increase the resilience of these key sectors to the Canadian economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

R. Sandra Schillo;Diana Inkpen


Mohammadreza Seifollahi






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa



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