Smart Technologies for efficient power control in a distribution grid

Ontario is implementing smart grid technologies to its electrical grid. Smart meters have been installed and the utilities will be collecting data about electricity usage and providing time of use choices to enable peak load shaving. The implementation of distributed generation (DG) and electrical vehicles will cause new challenges such as islanded operation of micro]grids and the storage offered by PHEVs. The data communication between the utility and user will play a key role in the implementation of smart technologies. WireIE is a provider of expertise to plan, design, build, maintain and support network transformations and network extensions. They take legacy mobile networks, fixed networks, utility and municipal networks and transform them into Next Generation IP networks. Within this project, three interns will work on an assessment of enhanced grid operation, assessment of the communication and monitoring requirements, and the assessment of the control and protection aspects of a distribution system with DG.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. V.K. Sood


Hiteshkumar Patel/Omar Ktob/Kush Duggal/Damonjot Grewal


WirelE Holdings International Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Ontario Tech University



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