SmartBody, SmartMind: Exploring the effectiveness of an online interoceptive training program on physical and emotional well-being.

SmartBody, SmartMind (SBSM) is a 12-week online intervention combining elements of movement, mindfulness, education, and psychologically-informed coping strategies. SBSM’s philosophy is that there are physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions to all disorders. Accordingly, SBSM offers a variety of therapeutic techniques through a variety of modalities, so that each individual may tailor their own healing. While SBSM’s approach aligns closely with leading edge research on trauma, chronic pain, and other conditions, it has never been formally evaluated. We intend to undertake a clinical trial of SBSM to determine how well it achieves its goals, whether specific individuals benefit more, and whether the program would benefit from any changes. Following completion of the study, the SBSM developers will be provided a report to help them optimize their reach and effectiveness for various disorders and individuals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Colette Smart


Jordan Ali


Scientuitive Fitness & Wellness Education Inc






University of Victoria



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