Sniffing Line in Mass Spectrometry for Direct Analysis

Mass spectrometry is a known for its capacity of detection of sample material with high sensitivity paired with high resolution and accuracy. Developing a “sniffing line” that would provide point-of-measurement capabilities for direct analysis of particulates on various surfaces is a necessary and novel method that will influence the mass spectrometry technique. Referred to as ‘sniffer line’, the apparatus will allow for surface contaminants to be more effectively sampled from the target surface and transported directly into the mass spectrometer. The result will be a more robust particulate analyzer providing enhanced detection ability, higher accuracy, shorter duration, decrease in cost-of-use, and real-time detection, while eliminating false-positive and false-negative errors which is an unaddressed issue in the industry. Recently, QuadroCore invented a new method to provide a more direct and sensitive detection system that detects minute traces of analytes from target materials. The goal of this project is to characterize the first “sniffing line” of this patent by researching, designing, and developing a suitable apparatus.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiyin Fang


Ramin Sharifi


10667587 Canada Inc.






McMaster University



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