Social Enterprises as Revenue Generation for the Non-Profit Sector in Canada

IL Canada would like to increase their revenue streams through inititating market-based approaches. The organization has struggled to identify appropriate social enterprise opportunities that can be replicated across the country. Examples of social enterprise opportunites for a NFP include: adding fee-for-service consulting; starting a new for-profit company that donates all profits to the organization; and offering new products which will be sold by the organization. This Mitacs intern will conduct a study and prepare a report that outlines social enterprise options for IL Canada. Specifically, data will be collected from within IL Canada on examples from one location that might be replicated elsewhere, and also data will be collected from other organizations regarding best practices that might be replicated. Based on the findings, IL Canada can then implement business activities. The ultimate benefit for IL Canada will be new products or services, and thus an increased revenue. IL Centres are looking for models that make up for the loss of core funding (around $50,000 per centre), as other funding streams do not cover operational costs. Increasing revenue activities would help make up for these loses.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amelia Clarke


Wen Tian


Independent Living Canada


Environmental sciences


Medical devices


University of Waterloo



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