Social Impact Analysis and Program Evaluation of GEM Mentorship Program

The project seeks to provide a program evaluation of the Girls E-Mentorship Innovation (GEM) youth mentoring program. GEM’s program is a socially innovative approach linking high school aged girls with successful professional leaders in the employment sector, to support the development of positive attitudes and future career attainment. Using mixed methods, this project develops key outcome measures assessing the effectiveness of the GEM program, along with providing a general assessment of the overall economic and social impact the organization has in its local area. Results from this study will highlight not only the impact the GEM program has on the young women participants but also the general economic and social benefits such a program offers. The results will be used by the organization for further program development and refinement, and to aid in increasing its own economic impact by demonstrating its success to potential donors and program funders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Shier


Stephanie Gouthro


Girls E-Mentorship Innovation


Social work




University of Toronto



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