Social Sustainability of Canada’s Parks: The Case of the Banff Corridor

Protected areas naturally attract conservationists keen to preserve pristine environments. Hospitality companies exploit these areas to expand tourism. Private interests are often supported by lobby groups such as chambers of commerce and hotel associations. Between the conservationists and private sector owners are the employees that provide essential services from chambermaids to bartenders who mostly earn minimum wage. These workers have seen their negotiating power eroded due to the lack of organization and representation unlike powerful environmental groups and private enterprise. Among the key questions that this study hopes to answer are: What are the impediments to offering a living wage to employees working in the Canmore-Banff-Lake Louise corridor? The key policy question regards the net benefits accruing to economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Banff Corridor by offering a living wage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Herremans


Linda Ambrosie


Outdoor Council of Canada




Environmental industry




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