Socio-cultural Impact Management in Mexico’s Marine Protected Areas

network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). My research will include case studies on two Mexican MPAs to examine what forms of impact assessment, monitoring, and management are taking place, as well as to investigate the perceived effectiveness of these methods by relevant community stakeholders. Using two MPA sites will allow me to compare how social impact management varies between different governance regimes. The case studies will include a) interviews with key informants, MPA managers and community members to understand the status of social and cultural impact monitoring and management and b) participatory mapping and focus groups with decision makers and community representatives to explore how impact management might be improved. I expect this research to make theoretical contributions to current understanding of social and cultural consequences of marine protected areas, including insights toward improving marine conservation practices globally through the adaptive management of these impacts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terre Satterfield


Maery Kaplan-Hallam



Environmental sciences



University of British Columbia



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