Socioeconomic benefits of the mineral exploration industry in BC

AME-BC as the voice of mineral exploration and development in BC is responsible for developing proper business climates for the mineral exploration industry. The purpose of this study is to support AME BC to achieve its goals through the provision of a clear picture of the socioeconomic benefits of the mineral exploration industry in British Columbia. This study estimates an independent and objective social and economic impact of the BC mining and mineral exploration industry. The first stage of this study mainly focuses on the Fraser Nicola provincial electoral district as a sample area; that can later be extended to other areas in BC upon request of the AME BC. This study is also concerned with determining the perception of junior miners on the role and importance of CSR and early community engagement policies in exploration projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Dunbar


Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadyani


Association for Mineral Exploration BC




Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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