Software architecture and electro-mechanical development of wireless connected products for pets

Beonebreed is a young and innovative company in Beloeil, QC, Canada, active in the field of pet-related products. Their team of over 20 passionate pet lovers which continuously keeps growing aims to create innovative products with high-quality for pets, focusing on modern design and technical innovation implementation. Their overall objective is to generate a community for passionate pet owners to support them taking good care of their pets.
To meet these objectives, BeOneBreed wants to bring a range of connectivity products for pets to the market. Through its interactivity functions, this range of products aims to improve the owner’s interaction and understanding of his pet(s). Although such systems start to appear on the market, they are often not robust, energy consuming and stand-alone (e.g. cannot be integrated with existing systems such as smart home applications as Google Home, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Philips systems,…).
The proposed project aims to support the company by development and technology implementation of connectivity (monitoring / interactive) products for pets, which are lightweight, robust.and can be integrated in existing mainstream smart home systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lucas Hof


Van Tien Hoang




Engineering - mechanical


Consumer goods


École de technologie supérieure



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