Soil Stabilization with DFI

Over the years, numerous techniques and additives have been employed to increase soil strength and stability – from filling a bog with stones or other fill to compacting the soil with heavy machinery or mixing soil with cement or lime and allowing the resulting mix to harden. Duraflex Solutions Ltd has a new, environmentally-friendly product named DFI for stabilizing weak soils. DFI has worked well in Europe and is processed by simply mixing the top layer of the soil with the product and leaving the mix to harden. Duraflex Solutions Ltd wants to determine if this product performs in Canadian soils and the Canadian climate as well as it does in Europe, so a research program involving laboratory and field work will be undertaken to establish how to use DFI successfully in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nigel Graham Shrive


Naveed Khan


Duraflex Solutions Ltd


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Calgary



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