Solar Simulation for Real-World Conditions and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Efficiency Characterization

Currently, the scientific community is aware of the potential of dye sensitized solar cells – they are translucent, conduct 100% renewable energy using the Sun’s energy, and are inexpensive to manufac-ture. They possess the potential to revolutionize Canada’s energy system for the better. This research project will show, using a unique solar simulator, how dye sensitized solar cells can work efficiently under more conditions than have currently been tested: such as air pollution, position of the Sun rela-tive to the Earth, and elevation. This project seeks to prove that these cells really can work any where, under any conditions, making them Canada’s ubiquitous form of energy production.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bryan Koivisto


Anna Leckman


Arevi Consulting Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University


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