Somatostatin Receptor Mediated Modulation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors Signaling

The work proposed here is based on a novel and innovative approach which has not been addressed till today. We propose that developing a combined therapy to inhibit ErbBs and activate SSTRs, might be useful approach to control tumor progression and better hormonal therapy response in breast cancer. The outcome of the present study first, will uncover novel molecular and cellular mechanisms for SSTR and ErbBs functional interaction in pathophysiological conditions such as in breast cancer. Second, it is reasonable to contemplate the unappreciated role of SSTR subtypes in a broader sense to other tumors such as pancreatic, colon and lung cancer which are also ErbBs positive. Most importantly, the consequences of protein-protein interaction (SSTR/ErbBs) and the mutational analysis in SSTR subtypes is often overlooked and need to be addressed as proposed in this application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ujendra Kumar


Jiemin Zhou


Lipont Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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