Sound localization for acoustic monitoring of bird populations in response to fire and oil extraction in Alberta’s oil sands region

Sound localization involves the triangulation of the location of a sound source by recording it on multiple microphones. One potential application of sound localization technology is to monitor the movements of vocalizing animals passively, without the need for a human observer. This project aims to further develop and test sound localization technology, then to apply the technology to monitor the movements and behaviours of birds in Alberta’s oilsands region in the vicinity of inactive well pads in burned and unburned areas. The resulting data will provide insights into the effects of industrial activities and forest fires on the behaviour and habitat use of birds, including several species of conservation concern. The project will also help identify effective well pad remediation techniques, to mitigate future effects on bird populations and accelerate recovery efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erin Bayne


Richard Hedley


Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute



Environmental industry




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