Southlands Development Pre-Feasibility Energy Study

This project involves the pre]feasibility assessment of a geothermal-based district heating system for the Southlands Development Project being conducted by Century Group in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. The first phase of the research will include the following: a literature review of similar district energy projects in recent years across North America; a technical evaluation of the components of the systems and the scheduling of their inclusion on the site; development of an Excel spreadsheet model to examine a variety of options to include in the district energy system; and a preliminary order]ofmagnitude economic assessment of one or more of these options. The second phase of the work will conduct a detailed economic evaluation of scenarios chosen by the developer. These will also include an analysis of different subcomponents of the development and their amenability to inclusion within a district heating system. The overall analysis will account for geothermal energy supply using heat pump technologies, possible geothermal power generation, possible energy recycling from grey]water systems and agricultural activities, and other heat recovery options such as air-to-air ventilation systems. The benefit to Century Group of this project will include the detailed knowledge about how the Southlands development can benefit from a district heating system approach as well as the creation of a modeling tool to examine other future development opportunities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John A. Meech


Eleni Patsa


Century Group






University of British Columbia



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