Spatial analysis of changing climate and the climate rating of Saskatchewan’s arable agricultural land for property assessment purposes

This project uses a large amount of geographic information and advanced computing technology to re-evaluate the influence of climate on the productivity of Saskatchewan’s agricultural land, which represents about 40% of all the cropland Canada. The intern will combine digital maps of soil, land use, crop yield, elevation, and historical weather observations. By exploring the statistical relationships among these layers of data, the intern will discover the environmental factors that determine the yield of 10 types of crops, and then assign a climate rating to each of the 296 rural municipalities in southern Saskatchewan. This project increases the capacity of ISM Canada to apply their expertise in data management and analysis to the many environmental and economic issues that involve weather and climate.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Sauchyn


Samantha Kerr


ISM Canada


Environmental sciences


Finance, insurance and business




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