Spatial and Temporal Linear Induction Motor Harmonics

Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) are used in a significant portion of existing rail transport systems, and Bombardier Transport Canada Inc. is a global leader in the industry. LIMs will be ever more important in the future with the expansion of Maglevs globally. In this project, the intern will explore the mathematical models used in designing LIMs. The main objective will be improving the mathematical treatment in order to increase the efficiency of LIMs and eliminate or minimize undesirable effects such as overheating. Improving the efficiency leads to savings in energy consumption of operating LIM rail transport systems, and eliminating undesirable effects leads to savings in maintenance costs. The results will help maintain Bombardier’s position as the world leader in LIM design and manufacturing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jordan Morelli


Majd Abdelqader


Bombardier Transportation Canada Inc.




Automotive and transportation


Queen's University



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