Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Habitat use of Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) in Amazonian Streams Using Remotely Sensed Imaging and Radio Telemetry

This project will be studying the relationship of Green Anacondas with their surroundings by describing the ways Anacondas use their habitats and how these behaviours change throughout the year. We will be using a technology called “radio telemetry” to follow Anacondas in order to observe them and collect information. Drone and Satellite imagery will be used to describe the Anacondas territories and habitats. Anacondas are important “top” predators of rainforest ecosystems and are also valuable in conservation land management through eco-tourism. The Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon will benefit from this work because they will have a better understanding of the predator-prey relationships on their land, and will use the project to increase interest in visitations to the site, which ultimately helps manage and defend the pristine rainforest the organization is protecting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Trevor Avery;Tom Herman;David Colville


Patrick Champagne


Esri Canada




Professional, scientific and technical services




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