Spatial and Temporal Variability of Primary and Secondary Production in the Salish Sea from a Coupled Model (SalishSeaCast with SMELT)

The Pacific Salmon Foundation is leading a multi-year project: Salish Sea Marine Survival Program (SSMSP) to determine what is affecting the survival of juvenile salmon and steelhead in the Salish Sea. There are three hypotheses to investigate. The impact of availability of food for the fish, the predation on the fish and other factors including habitat loss. In this project we will use a model of the Strait of Georgia to help evaluate availability of food. The model divides the Strait into little boxes (500 m x 500 m horizontal and 1 m vertical) and solves for the water movement, salinity, temperature and the water nutrients, phytoplankton (plant) growth and zooplankton (small animals eaten by fish). We will use the model to investigate the seasonal variations and year to year variations of phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Allen


Elise Olson


Pacific Salmon Foundation


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry




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