Spatial mapping of turbulent characteristics of tidal flow and wakes in the Minas Passage Bay of Fundy

The strong tidal currents that make in-stream tidal energy possible, are also challenging to work in since they are also very turbulent. As the flow passes over the rough bottom and shoreline variations, eddies are generated over a wide range of scales. These eddies (i.e. turbulence) create fluctuating forces on tidal turbine blades and their support structures, degrading turbine performance and operating life. Understanding and predicting the levels of turbulent flows is an important component of the marine services that Luna Ocean provides to its clients. Working together, Luna, Dalhousie and Acadia will use an innovative suite of measurement devices and numerical models to investigate large-eddy turbulence in two high-flow tidal channels in Nova Scotia: Grand Passage and the FORCE region of Minas Passage. The results will help Luna improve its software for site assessment and marine forecasting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alex Hay


Maricarmen Guerra-Paris


Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd.




Information and communications technologies




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