Spatial Optimization Modelling for China’s County-level Land Use Planning

Considering the research gap that there lack quantitative models and advanced techniques to solve the land spatial allocation problem in China’s county-level, my PhD project aims at developing spatial optimization models to assist land spatial allocation that reconciles the market value, social value and ecological value of land, land utilization zoning and boundary setting in constructive expansion regulation zoning for China’s county-level land use planning. The field work in Wuhan, China will finish the data collection, database establishment, personal interview and land suitability evaluation work for the project. The expected outcomes for the work in China include: (1) Build GIS Geodatabase of land use and environmental data for the study area; (2) generate land suitability map for land utilization zoning and land suitability map for agricultural utilization in the GIS raster format for the study area.

Faculty Supervisor:

DongMei Chen


Mingjie Song



Geography / Geology / Earth science



Queen's University



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