Spatio-Temporal Resolution Enhancement for HighFrame Rate Display

The quality of projected video plays a huge role in the digital projector market. Methods to increase the quality of projected video at lower costs are constantly being researched. A promising approach to reducing cost and increasing the quality of viewed video is the combination of up-converting the frame rate of high-resolution video and projecting higher resolution video using lower resolution, high frame rate projectors. This project investigates a method of video quality enhancement where a low-resolution, high-frame rate projector will be
used to project high-resolution, low-frame rate content such that the projected video appears to viewers as a high-frame rate and high-resolution video. Unlike existing methods using multiple projectors, our method will be developed for single projectors with opto-mechanical image shifter. In addition, our method will determine the optimal, content and shifter motion compensated sub-frame samples and sub-pixel shifts, required for a good approximation of the anticipated high-quality content.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Clausi


Audrey Chung


Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.




Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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