Stability of Geobag Elements for Riverbank Protection

Riverbank erosion is a major threat to millions of Bangladeshi citizens who live in the vicinity of the country’s rivers, causing loss of life, land and livelihood. Sand-filled geotextile bags (geobags) are a solution to this problem and are widely used across Bangladesh to guide river flow and redirect channels in the wide braided rivers, preventing erosion and enabling land reclamation. The construction of geobag revetments takes advantage of Banglades However, the interaction between the geobag revetments and river flow is relatively unknown because the sediment laden water hinders visual observations. This research project aims to improve the understanding of how geobags behave underwater. This research is a critical step in refining the use of geobags in river revetments and will help NHC successfully implement this valuable technology in Bangladesh.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yuntong She


Angela Thompson


Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.


Engineering - civil






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