Stabilization of Gravel Roads

Unpaved gravel roads throughout rural and northern Manitoba and across Canada are made from poorly bound aggregate materials. Consequently they quickly deteriorate to loose, rough and dangerous road conditions. They generate choking and noxious dust clouds when dry, and quickly lose strength and degrade to mucky and rutted conditions when wet. The goal of this project is to provide a low cost and sustainable solution by mixing the aggregate with high amounts of reactive clays and environmentally safe organic catalysts. This turns the clays into a cement-like binding agent that results in high-density packing and strongly bonded road surfaces that require little maintenance. The process will eliminate noxious dust clouds and the need for toxic road stabilizers like the chloride salts currently in use. Roads built with this process can be constructed from low cost locally derived materials, using standard road equipment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hamid Mumin


Riley Cram


Cypher Environmental Ltd


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Alternative energy


Brandon University



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