Stakeholder Issues for Canadian Building GHG & Energy Benchmarking Regulation

The proposed research is intended to identify stakeholder issues that should inform the City of Vancouver’s proposed Fall 2015 public consultations on its proposed building GHG and energy reporting and public disclosure policy and regulation.  A literature review and interviews with key stakeholders such as building owners and managers, utility conservation programs and public sector policy makers would provide insight for the City into the issues, interests, potential support and opposition, capacity, and desired support for industry stakeholders; best practices and strategies to encourage their support and participation; and desired actions by allies such as the provincial and federal governments and utilities. Modus Planning, Design & Engagement would gain similar knowledge; understanding of the objectives and capacities of various City, provincial and federal government policy makers; and insight into how proposed regulations could impact climate change policy and planning in future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ray Cole


Ian Theaker


Modus Planning, Design & Engagement Inc.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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