State of the Art Study of Civil Infrastructure for Advanced Rapid Transit

This project is in partnership with ISIS Canada. Bombardier’s Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) solution is a medium capacity transit system, filling the gap between street‐running trams (low capacity) and heavy rail metros (high capacity). This internship aims to understand the design decisions and how new approaches and technology can reduce the costs of civil infrastructure for ART systems. The prime focus of this study is on the guideway (beams, columns, footings) and its cost. Discussions with Bombardier engineers have helped the intern identify the following focus areas: Finding optimum span lengths, eliminating a second concrete pour for trackwork, and eradicating corrosion in neighbouring infrastructure by replacing steel reinforcement with Fibre Reinforced Polymers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Amir Fam


Ray Saiedi


Bombardier Transportation Canada Inc.




Automotive and transportation


Queen's University



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