Statistical analysis and interpretation of metabolite profiling results

Data analysis and interpretation is a critical step in metabolomics. In metabolomics studies, large amounts of data must be evaluated by appropriate analytical tools in order to transform data into knowledge. Chenomx Inc. is a company that provides metabolomics research software and services. Its flagship software product Chenomx NMR Suite is an integrated set of tools for identifying and quantifying metabolites in Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra. In this project, we propose developing a statistical analysis and interpretation framework for analyzing the profiling results reported by the profiling software of Chenomx. The proposed research project will provide novel uncertainty analysis and biomarker analysis methods and generate a software module based on the developed statistical analysis and interpretation techniques, which will significantly complement the existing strength of Chenomx profiling software.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zukui Li


Said Rahal


Chenomx Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Information and communications technologies


University of Alberta



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