Statistical and Physiological Beat Modelling of Seismocardiogram Signal

“Seismocardiogram (SCG) is a signal that is captured by placing an accelerometer on the human chest. This signal captures very important timing information such as opening and closing of the heart valves. In addition to these timing information, the non-invasive nature of this signal makes it an attractive solution for remote monitoring of patients with heart conditions.
The morphology of SCG signal changes depending on different types of heart conditions and diseases. A mathematical model represents the morphology of a signal in terms of certain parameters. The hypothesis is that different signal morphologies could be represented by different set of parameters. The ultimate goal of this project is design and implementation of a model that captures the morphology of SCG signal. Heart force medical is producing medical devices that incorporates SCG for diagnosis/monitoring of patients. The company could utilize the implementation of such model on their devices.”

Faculty Supervisor:

David Campbell


Farzad Khosrow-khavar


Heart Force Medical Inc.




Medical devices


Simon Fraser University



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