Stochastic analysis of infiltration facilities for storm water control

Infiltration facilities are an effective storm water management practice. The conventional continuous simulation models are widely used in the hydrologic analysis of infiltration facilities in practical engineering practices. However, these continuous simulation models are often time-consuming and data-demanding. The previously proposed analytical probabilistic models can also be used for analyzing hydrologic performance of infiltration facilities, whereas simplifying assumptions about the initial water storage conditions are required and the description of infiltration outflows is also simplified. Overcoming the shortcomings of these two types of models, this project will develop a new analytical stochastic model for analysis and design of infiltration facilities. The derived analytical expression can be easily implemented in spreadsheets. The engineering industry will benefit from this easy-to-use design aid as an alternative of traditional continuous simulation hydrologic software in the design, planning and analysis of infiltration facilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yiping Guo


Jun (Jeffrey) Wang


CIMA Canada


Engineering - civil


Natural resources




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