Story through Mechanics – the design and evaluation of engaging narrative through the use of non-cinematic, mechanics-based techniques in casual games

There are many examples of video games that have successfully used cutscenes and in-game dialogue to deliver engaging stories. But there is one market segment where story hasn?t been a focus, namely casual games. Given such games are primarily intended for a broader audience, have a much smaller budget, and typically focus on short experiences – such as solving puzzles, there may be no real need for story. But there have been some standout casual games that have used setting, theme and emotion very effectively, without the use of heavy scenes or dialogue. This project will explore how story can be tied directly with gameplay to create a more engaging, casual experience. We will test and prototype through the development of a puzzle-based casual game titled Lure, which will examine themes of love and relationships through magnetism.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Fracchia


Conrad Sly


Candor Interactive Inc.




Media and communications




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