Storytelling the History of Cantonese Migration through Virtual Heritage

Since the 19th century, Chinese men and women have migrated to small towns and cities throughout places such as Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America in search of better opportunities, bringing with them many traditional cultural practices, values and customs that evolved over time and space. How did early migrants retain cultural heritage practices? How did people adapt their cultural traditions to local environments? What systems were in place to support the continuation of these practices, and how have these systems evolved over the past century? Drawing from data collected in Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Kaiping in rural south China, the project will combine historical document research with virtual reality (VR) technology to produce an immersive VR film about the history of overseas Chinese. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Henry Yu


Denise Fong


Hammer & Tong Picture Industries Ltd




Digital media




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