Strategic community investment – A tookit for junior exploration companies

After reviewing a plethora of toolkits published by industry organizations such as the ICMM and PDAC, a set of simple to use tools have been summarized in the toolkit. The aim of the toolkit is to help junior and mid-tier producers to understand the importance of sustainability programs and how to best engage with community members and partner with NGOs. This toolkit is useful for Keegan Resources because it provides management review tools and guidelines on how to establish key performance indicators to monitor and evaluate its own progress. Since the toolkit covers topic from stakeholder engagement to establishing partnership, it also means as the company expands and starts acquiring other exploration sites, its current community investment efforts is replicable as there will be simple guidelines to follow when entering a new community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stephanie Bertels


Jessica Yan Li


Keegan Resources Inc.




Mining and quarrying


Simon Fraser University



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