Strategy and legitimation in blockchain innovations and multisided markets

This research project will work with Canadian start-up 6Sensmatic in two areas: building a digital marketing platform and exploring strategic opportunities related to the blockchain; a digital ledger technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. First, the intern will help 6Sensmatic design, develop, prototype and analyze a novel digital marketing platform that will connect firms to social media influencers that can advertise their products. Second, the intern will study the blockchain, an emerging technology that has the potential to replace much of the foundations of our business and governmental systems, and that consequently presents significant opportunities for new companies. The intern will help 6Sensematic identify, evaluate and capitalize upon opportunities presented by blockchain technologies, and undertake research and analysis of how organizations such as 6Sensmatic can integrate this into its existing solutions (including the marketing platform described) as well as investigating new blockchain applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marc-David Seidel


Christopher Rowell


6Sensmatic Inc




Information and communications technologies




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