Stream Erosion Control Assessment for Ontario Low Impact Development Stormwater Management

Urban development increases the runoff of precipitation to streams and rivers, degrading the environment in terms of water resources and habitat. While detention ponds can slow the water down and improve the water quality, larger volumes of water are still released to streams in most urban areas. New technologies in Low Impact Development (LID) provide innovative approaches to reduce the volume of water released from urban developments (e.g., infiltration). Erosion control is one criteria used to evaluate stormwater management strategies, but there is a need to adapt existing erosion assessment procedures given the recent shift from “peak-flow” to “runoff-volume” control measures. With a review of policy documents from other leading jurisdictions and of recent scientific literature, this research project will specifically provide updated stream erosion control critera for LID strategies concurrently with an update to Ontario’s storm water management guidelines byt the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Ashmore


Roger Phillips


Aquafor Beech


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


Western University



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