Strengthening Canadian Competitiveness by Strengthening Local Value Chains

This proposed study is an unprecedented attempt by a North American municipality to proactively identify and strengthen the components of its local value chain to inform a comprehensive strategy dedicated to growing opportunities in local advanced manufacturing, targeting increasingly interwoven value chains. Surrey has the space and existing capabilities to become an advanced manufacturing hub for Canada, growing supply chains and attracting participants, which in turn will drive on-shoring of high value manufacturing in the region. This study can also serve as a template for identifying and strengthening other supply chains across Canada. Utilizing an established methodology developed by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom (Kumar, Srai, Pattinson & Gregory, 2013), we hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of Surrey’s current value chain capabilities, particularly those associated with the Health Technology and Clean Technology sectors. Employing newly developed data visualization software, Firmogram by BluePrime Technologies, a Surrey-based advanced technology solutions company, this study will allow local firms to identify opportunities develop and extend their capacity and capabilities in line with local needs and allow the municipality to identify any gaps that need to be filled. It will also allow firms considering re-location to more easily identify opportunities and partnerships.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sarah Lubik


Andrea Vallejos & Brian Killen


Blueprime Technology Management Solutions Inc.




Finance, insurance and business


Simon Fraser University



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