Strengthening capacity of Canadian civil society organizations and their partners in the Global South to address gender inequality: Engagements, perceptions and uses of feminist approaches in international development

The goal of this project is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) working around the world to combat gender inequality. The Mitacs post-doctoral candidate, working closely with the Canadian Council of International Co-operation, a coalition of over 80 CSOs in Canada, will examine how different feminist approaches are applied in international development work. Through surveys and case studies, this project examines how organizations and their partners in the Global South implement feminist approaches into planning and programming. From this research, tools and resources highlighting successful strategies to gender equality and women’s empowerment will be developed and shared among CSO networks, thus fulfilling a key demand from the sector. Ultimately, this project will contribute to more efficient and long-term impact from public and private donor investments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Tiessen


Sheila Rao


Canadian Council for International Co-operation




Management of companies and enterprises




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