Strengthening Prestressed/Precast Hollow Core Slabs with Near-Surface Mounted FRP Reinforcement

Pre-cast prestressed hollow core (HC) slabs are special design components that have not received much research attention. Several structures where deterioration due to chloride penetration is problematic often contain concrete slabs. Multi-story parking structures, bridges, commercial and industrial buildings are common examples of structures exposed to adverse chemical environments. A strengthening technique resistant to such harsh climates is necessary to avoid the high capital cost of full replacement. Furthermore, this technique becomes particularly attractive where flexural strengthening is required in the negative moment region, and external reinforcement would be exposed to traffic or even interfere with finishes.  This study examines the behaviour of pre-loaded members strengthened with NSM-FRP. Reproducing in-situ conditions is of significant practical interest, as cracking and damage to the cover of internal reinforcement influence the strengthening effects and mechanisms of failure.

The main objectives of this research program are to examine the structural behaviour of hollow core slabs strengthened with NSM FRP, to determine the effect of different parameters on the ultimate capacity of the reinforced hollow core slabs, to establish criteria to predict the mode of failure and the ultimate load capacity, and to compare the resulting behaviour to those predicted by available design guidelines for conventional structures and to those proposed by other studies.

The Globalink student will be helping (and sometimes taking a leading role) with preparation of test specimens including the installation of the innovative FRP laminates and strain gauges, preparation of test set-up including instrumentations, data acquisition systems and hydraulic actuators, running the laboratory tests and collecting data and analysis and implementation of the experimental data in a written technical report format

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ehab El-Salakawy


Allen Babu



Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Manitoba


Globalink Research Internship

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