Strengthening Process Efficiencies in a Changing Industry

This study aims to improve process efficiencies while supporting the development of products that best respond to market trends in the context of a post COVID-19 globalized market. From a process engineering perspective, the proposed activities seek to improve mill competitiveness through waste management to both reduce load on water treatment systems and obtain value added products from wastewaters, and investigate recovery of lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose recovery from mill residues for further product development in biomaterials. The study offers possibilities for more environmentally sustainable processing, potential reduction of current expenses, and potential creation of new revenue streams to increase competitiveness for CBPPL while strengthening university-industry collaborations between Memorial University, and CBPPL. This collaboration further develops subject matter expertise in Corner Brook and Newfoundland and offers students valuable experience with applied research and industry trends.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Newell;Kelly Hawboldt


David Hopkins;Rene Alberto Silva;Mery Perez;Lucas Knill


Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited





Memorial University of Newfoundland



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