Stress Test of a Pilot Passive Methane Oxidation Biosystem

Closed landfills are a source of uncontrolled methane (CH4) emissions negatively add to the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. These methane emissions can continue for decades after biogas extraction systems reach end-of-life. Successful land reclamation projects, such as turning an old landfill into a park, depends on low-maintenance technologies that can cope with these emissions. The goal of this research is to identify operating constraints (temperature, loading rate and water content) for a pilot passive methane oxidation biosystem (PMOB) constructed at the old Kitchener landfill, recently turned into a park (McLennan municipal park). Determining the operating constraints will lead to an effective PMOB that treats the methane emissions presently reach the surface of the Kitchener landfill to an acceptable level. Completion of the project will be instrumental in helping Dillon Consulting Ltd. develop a long-term, durable, strategy to abate methane emissions that could be applied to landfills across Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard G Zytner;Alexandre Cabral


Zachary Kanmacher


Dillon Consulting Limited




Professional, scientific and technical services



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