Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health

The proposed research program aims to better enable the provision of digitally based self-management support programs for Canadians who live with chronic conditions that were further complicated by COVID-19. In order to accomplish this objective, this study will evaluate existing self-management programs for adults with chronic conditions and curate condition specific evidence-based content that will be provided through the Curatio platform. The project will also evaluate the success of the program through metrics obtained through the platform data as well as evaluating patients experiences with the program. This project will not only be beneficial to Curatio by expanding the content of the platform as well as their patient database, but to healthcare providers in general as it can be accessed by organizations to offer digital evidence-based support to their patients who live with complex chronic conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amy Latimer-Cheung


Alexandra Walters


Curatio Networks Inc.





Queen's University



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