Structural and petrographic examination of volcanic breccia veins of the Rogers Creek porphyry system

The internship with Wallbridge Mining Company Limited is directed toward unravelling the formation of copper]gold]molybdenum vein mineralization of the Rogers Creek Pluton in British Columbia. This will be achieved by measuring geological and structural information in the field to 1) identify the geometry of mineralized vein systems; 2) identify the mechanism of vein formation and; most importantly 3) help locate new mineralization. Structural field work will be complemented by inspection of selected rock samples using a microscope in the laboratory and comparison of geological observations with geophysical information. The partner institution will benefit directly from this study in several ways: The study will 1) contribute to finding of new mineralization; (2) contribute to a more efficient process]oriented mineral exploration strategy; and 3) decrease exploration costs, for example by decreasing the number of exploratory drill holes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ulrich Riller


Laura Wright


Wallbridge Mining Company Limited


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


McMaster University



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